Storage Heater Replacement in London

Storage Heater Replacement
from £150 +VAT

We understand that, sometimes, a storage heater repair service simply isn’t enough when your existing heater is too old to be safely repaired and re-used, or is inefficient and not suitable for your particular needs. If this is the case, we are here to make it simple and more affordable to replace your existing heater with an efficient new one.

We’re knowledgeable in all makes, models and brands of electric storage heater, and we’ll be happy to help you replace an old storage heater with a new one that suits your needs and budget.

We can supply a new heater and get it working as well as removing your old storage heater if you’d like us to. We’ll talk you through your new storage heater’s instructions to ensure you understand how to use it, and we guarantee an efficient service with no mess left behind.

Our company is well-established as one of the leading providers of storage heater replacement in London, so when your storage heater is beyond repair, come to us to have a reliable new model installed.

Storage heater replacement

Storage Heater Replacement Prices

Our costs for storage heater replacement start from just £95 +VAT. Please visit storage heater service prices page for detailed price list.

Contact us direct and REPLACE YOUR STORAGE HEATER today!