Terms and conditions

Our terms and conditions have been put in place to protect you, the consumer, and to ensure all parties understand our professional service in its entirety.

Please take some time to read our T&Cs and to be sure you agree with what we offer before booking our services.

  1. On the day of your appointment, we require payment of all service call charges.
  2. We will survey the heater before providing you with the cost of any parts required for its repair.
  3. We do not supply components or parts. We offer our service including repairs for the protection of all involved.
  4. Our service call-out prices are for a home or office with a maximum of four heaters in need of maintenance or repair. If you have a larger number of heaters, please contact us for a more detailed price.
  5. We must have access to the heaters on the agreed day and at the agreed time. If this is not the case, you will still be liable for call-out charges. We do not offer leniency for missed appointments.
  6. Parts and components fitted by us are guaranteed for six (6) months. This means that we will replace a part free of charge if it fails within six (6) months, and if the failure is deemed to be no fault of yours.Storage heaters include a safety device to stop them over-heating, and if this is covered or obstructed we will deem the failure to be your fault.In this case, you would be charged again for a subsequent call out and for new components and parts.

    We will also charge for parts if we find that the damage of one component has been caused by the failure of another.

  7. If we find that we are unable to repair your storage heater, and that you have given us the correct make and model upon booking, we will not ask you to pay our call-out service charge.