Immersion Heater Repairs in London

Immersion Heaters
£350 +VAT
Drain down the system
Replace the element (1 part included)
* Repairs Priced at £95 +VAT/hour

The water heater has become such an integral part of life that homes and flats without proper water heaters often go uninhabited, while those with robust heating systems are sought after, especially amongst first time home owners and tenants.

This means that if and when these systems fail, a speedy and efficient repair service is essential. When it comes to newer homes you will often find electric water heaters, but even these newer units require a fair amount of maintenance and repair to ensure that they can accommodate the needs of the tenants.

To maintain these systems, a reliable immersion heater service is essential and we offer an immersion heater repair service that is second to none.

We have the specialised tools and replacement parts needed for efficient immersion element repair, insuring that our clients will have their systems back to normal quickly. We recognise how important it is to have your heating system maintained and repaired and our technicians are experienced enough to work carefully in your home or business.

immersion heaters

Specialising in Electric Water Tank Repair

By offering a top notch heater repair service, with a special focus on electric water tank repair, we help people brave the harshest weather. Providing heated water and temperature control by repairing water heaters that are built for efficiency is part of how we satisfy our clients. We understand the design of these electric water heaters and that once they are restored to their optimal function they are one of the most effective ways to heat a home and business.

Keeping these systems functioning effectively will help to keep the cold at bay, provide your home with hot water all year long, and save you money in the long run. Get a quote for repairs at your own property by contacting us now.