Other electrical heaters repair

Our skills extend far beyond the repair of storage heaters and immersion heaters. In fact, we’re professionals able to repair a wide selection of electric heaters with our friendly, safe and skilled service, which we offer in and around the London area.

Economy 7 Water Heater Repair in London

If you have an Economy 7 tariff, which gives you cheaper electricity rates in the night and more expensive ones during the day, and which are primarily intended for those with storage heaters, we can carry out an extensive range of repairs to restore a damaged or faulty storage heater to full working order. Get in touch today to get a quote for an Economy 7 water heater repair and see for yourself how affordable our services can be.

Here are a few other types of electrical heater we’re able to repair and maintain. If your electrical heater isn’t listed, don’t hesitate to call us because we’ll likely be able to help.

  1. Fan assisted heaters repair

    We can repair fan-assisted heaters ensuring that they’re working safely and effectively to power warmth around your room. Call us now for a quote if yours has seen better days.

  2. Panel heaters repair

    Some think panel heaters and infra-red heaters are extremely costly to maintain and repair, but that doesn’t have to be the case. If you want cheap panel heater repair and don’t want the expense of buying a new heater, ask about our services and enjoy a great deal from NICEIC-approved experts.

  3. Convector heaters repair

    Amongst the most popular commercial and domestic heaters are convector heaters, used in homes and business properties all over the country. We can repair convector heaters without fuss, ensuring warm rooms wherever you are.

  4. Electric wall heaters repair

    We are qualified to provide a fully professional installation & repair service for any type of electrical wall heater. Call us to fix your wall electric heaters today!

  5. Portable heaters repair

    Smaller heaters that get carried from place to place are often at more risk of damage than those fixed in place. One small knock can detach an important cable or element. We can offer fast repair of portable heaters, so you can keep your heating localised.

  6. Electric-only Patio Heaters Repair

    Portable or fixed electric-only patio heaters aren’t the most essential, but they can offer comfort in the garden and can be important if you’re a pub landlord or landlady with a beer garden. Call us for electric-only patio heater repair that’ll have you enjoying the great outdoors in no time.

Electrical Heaters Prices

Please visit our SERVICE PRICES page for domestic or commercial heater repair prices.