Storage heater removal services

Storage Heater Recycling
from £95 + VAT
* Parking and/or congestion charges may apply

There are hazards involved in storage heater removal. We don’t want people to take risks, nor do we want them to have to go to the effort of taking an old and broken storage heater to their local rubbish dump.

If you’ve got a broken storage heater, we’ll be happy to remove it and take it away ensuring we leave no mess, and guaranteeing that all electrical circuits and cables are safe and secure for your protection. We dispose of all storage heaters professionally, in accordance with local waste policies, for the good of the community and the environment.

Calling us to remove your heater will help the environment rather than damage it, and we offer eco-friendly, green storage heater removal at minimal cost to you.

Stome storage heaters may containg asbestos

We cannot handle asbestos!

Some storage heaters contain asbestos, and none of us want hazardous waste polluting the environment.

For a full list of storage heaters containing asbestos visit The Asbestos Information Centre (

Don’t dump your storage heater inappropriately, putting our planet at risk.